Open a current account with a German bank so that you can easily pay in shops with your bank card and receive your salary or wages.  Normally you will also need your registration certificate and tax number to open an account. 

With N26, you can open a German bank account in minutes, right from from abroad via your smartphone. All you need is a German address—no Anmeldung necessary. It is advisable to compare banks, as some offer better services for expatriates and lower fees.

Comparison of Bank Accounts

It is recommended that you choose a bank that suits your needs and offers English language support.


N26 was founded in 2013 and has since become the largest mobile bank in Europe. Its benefits include a free current account, small loan options and a savings account. N26 has become extremely popular in recent years. It challenges the status quo of traditional banks and caters to the digitalised generations with a clean and easy-to-navigate real-time mobile banking app.

Any expat who wants to send money home to a foreign bank account can do so directly with N26 without worrying about fees, as N26 has integrated Wise into its banking app. 

The entire product is available in English, from registration to mobile banking to customer service. It is one of the most popular German bank accounts for foreigners and accepts the most nationalities as an online bank.

  • Everything in English 

  • Free integration with Wise – for international money transfer 

  • Open free banking account in 8 minutes online from abroad

  • No branch offices  

  • No real credit card

  • 1,7% fees on cash withdrawals in foreign currencies


Commerzbank was founded in 1870 and is the second largest bank in Germany.

In recent years, Commerzbank has invested heavily to keep up with current trends and to appeal to foreigners. It is the most digitised branch bank and offers at least parts of its website in English. More importantly, Commerzbank offers online banking, a mobile app and customer support in English. 

They offer many more banking options, such as a brokerage account, loans, investments, foreign currency collection and a personal advisor if you wish. Because you can verify your identity in person at a local branch, Commerzbank accepts virtually any nationality.

  • 450 branches in Germany 

  • Free checking account

  • Securities account option & consulting 

  • No English online sign-up 

  • Checking account fees of 9,90 euros with less than 700 euros monthly input 

  • hysical Mastercard credit card costs 39,90 euros a year 

Vivid Money

Vivid Money was founded in Berlin in 2019. However, Vivid has successfully disrupted the traditional & mobile banking industry in terms of everyday banking, investing and crypto handling. Its reviews on Google & Apple Store, as well as on Trustpilot, are really good. Vivid offers its accounts through its partner Solarisbank.

Vivid Money offers a free current account along with a free metal Visa debit card, commission-free investing in stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, and high cashback rates on purchases. Everything is available in English and the customer service is excellent.

  • Everything in English 

  • No  SCHUFA credit check 

  • Commission-free investment options for stocks & ETFs

  • No branch offices  

  • Sign up currently only possible through the Vivid App 

  • Only up to 200 euros free ATM cash withdrawals per month 


Yes, most banks require you to have a registered address in Germany to open a bank account. 

You will need to provide your passport or ID card, proof of address in Germany, and proof of income, such as a work contract or payslip. 

No, many banks in Germany offer services in English and have English-speaking staff. You may want to check with your preferred bank beforehand. 

The process usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the bank and the availability of documents. 

Some banks may allow you to open an account remotely, but most require you to be physically present in Germany to verify your identity. 

Some banks charge a one-time account opening fee, while others offer free account opening. 

You can use international money transfer services such as TransferWise, PayPal, or Wise to transfer money from your home country to your German bank account.

No, it is not mandatory to have a German bank account as a foreigner working in Germany, but it can make your daily transactions and bill payments easier. 

Yes, you can apply for a credit card with most German banks, but the requirements and eligibility may vary depending on the bank. 

You should withdraw all remaining funds and close your account before leaving Germany. Most banks will charge a fee for closing your account, but it can usually be waived if you give sufficient notice.