Anyone who moves into an apartment or house in Germany must register with the respective Residents’ Registration Office. 
You have two weeks to register!

Should it take longer in individual cases, a transitional period is usually granted.

If you occupy an apartment for no longer than six months, it is not necessary to register a new residence. For example you register for health insurance with a boardinghouse address or your companies address with c/o Employer HR – until you find a permanent residence

How to register your address?

Each city has a different system of registration your residence. Basically, the way is the same, but some cities offer online registration, some require an appointment on the spot. Alternatively, just go there and draw a waiting number. Depending on the city, you may have to wait for a few hours or make an appointment and come again 

1. Google the following:

  • Bürgerbüro

  • Einwohnermeldeamt

  • Your city

2. Make an appointment:

  • Arrange an appointment by phone or e-mail 

3. Documents needed:

  • Identity cards and passports of the persons to be registered

  • Confirmation of accommodation (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung)

  • Spouse and children’s identity cards or birth certificates

  • Rental or purchase contract

  • Marriage certificate

  • Registration form if available via download 

Many cities offer a registration form directly for download, which you can fill out, print out and bring to the appointment.

Please note: After successful registration, you will receive a letter from the German Broadcasting Authority (GEZ) regarding the broadcasting fee. This is obligatory in Germany and every household must pay it, 220,32€/year.